Beaufort Proper Loves Beau Beads

We're loving our latest jewelry craze, Beau Beads, and by the looks of it, you're loving it too! When Beaufort Proper opened two years ago, we started with just a philosophy: let women in Carteret County shine in clothes that are just as unique as their personality. On the Crystal Coast, our 85 miles of beautiful beaches are rich with character, but not with places to shop. In small towns like these, it's easy to fall victim to the same-old-same-old, every day clothes. Beaufort Proper set out to fix this problem for many women in Eastern North Carolina looking for something new. 


That's why Beau Beads fit so perfectly inside our mobile boutique. No two necklaces are exactly alike. Each are handcrafted to match outfits for every occasion, from football tailgates to Sunday dinner. What's even better is that you won't find a better price on these trendy wood-beaded necklaces anywhere nearby, where double strand tassel necklaces frequently sell for over $60. Beau Beads start at $28, and you'll never find a necklace in our store over $50. We're passionate about not only supporting local artisans, but providing you with the latest trends and classic fashion at prices you can afford. 

Visit Looks We Love to see how we've been styling our Beau Beads with the latest fall fashion new arrivals at Beaufort Proper, and shop all Beau Beads here!

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