Statement Earrings Under $25 (And Starting at $9!)

Getting inspired to put outfits together in the dead of winter can be a little less than inspiring. Got a cute outfit on for the day? Great. Now, cover it up with a parka. When your giant puffy coat is sucking all the fun out of your look, at least your accessories can afford to be exciting!

When it comes to picking earrings, we're picky! We have our go to chunky metallic hoops, but the rest of our selection absolutely has to make a statement. They have to be lightweight and easy to wear. And of course, you should never spend more on a pair of our earrings than you would spend on any other part of your outfit. That's why all of our statement earrings are under $25, and starting at just $9. You can actually afford to spruce up your winter outfits, and with something that won't get covered up by your winter layers. DOUBLE SCORE.


Tap any of the images below to get started choosing your statement earrings! But be speedy - we hate to see everyone wearing the same thing, so we buy limited quantities of each. Some are even one of a kind!







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