A Revolution in Retail

It began in the Fall of 2012, while shopping with my middle daughter. As the mother of three young women, shopping can be daunting (not to mention CRAZILY expensive). But this particular day, it was a necessary evil, as she required some very specific couture pieces for upcoming events.

I'll never forget standing in that tiny Boutique, on the verge of tears, and having to explain to her that I could not afford the items that she so deserved! After she humbly volunteered to borrow some dresses from friends instead, we enjoyed a lunch of 'Comfort Food' and vowed to come up with a solution to Ridiculous Retail Pricing!

The birth of Beaufort Proper took less than a few months as we worked tirelessly to find ways to provide Mothers and Daughters, Sisters and Friends, great styles that weren't enshrouded with the cost of overhead in fancy Boutique Stores.

Our Mobile Boutique Experience proves to be a most popular concept in today's fashion Market Place! There are believed to be more than 400 non-food related retail trucks across the US currently, and Beaufort Proper is proud to offer our little piece of the 'Revolution' to Eastern NC and Beyond!

Cheers, Proper Shoppers and Thanks for joining the "Revolution in Retail"!


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